Noori Records starts distributing Hulduefni

Hulduefni is a Portuguese experimental one-man-band, that started releasing its sounds to the world this year, with two releases: “Deep Darkness”, a minimalistic ambient drone album (that will soon be featured in a video game) and “Living On 8-Bits”, a funny low-tone 8-Bits story that will make you feel like the Hero on some platforms game. Instead of giving the band a big introduction, I’ll just leave you with two tracks, one for each album:

These are limited edition albums, so you should grab your copies while you can!

  • Deep Darkness – sold out
  • Living On 8-Bit – sold out

About Noori Records

Noori Records is a new Record Label, created in 2008. We're not a regular record label. We're different. We understand the urge that people have to get music for free. We understand that artists want to get money from their work.
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