New album: +ko+ko+ – A Path To Nowhere

“A Path To Nowhere” is +ko+ko+’s second album, edited by Noori Records in CD format, a limited edition of no more than two handfuls of copies.


With Merankorii’s support in the mixing and especially in the mastering, +ko+ko+ presents ten tracks, all of which were virtually constructed during the year 2009, some of them reconstructions, re-mixings or remastered versions previously created for the 20th project (each track entirely created during the 24 hours of each month’s 20th).

This album is a milestone on the second stage of +ko+ko+’s musical evolution, following 2009’s album “What Are You Gonna Do?”. It is also the definitive ending of the constructive/deconstructive period, which abused on vampirized melodies and samples, the very last one of these being represented on this CD by its last track (“A Path To Nowhere”).

Being a collection of tracks somewhat different between themselves, with a significant inspiration in ideas and sounds sometimes of a cinematic nature, it aims strongly at the disillusion towards both the human being, the greatest of all parasites, and the future, at the same time creating a certain oniric imagery.

APTN pic


  1. Portrait
  2. Key Of Dreams
  3. This-Train-Is-Leaving
  4. Killing People
  5. My Dancing Ghosts
  6. Moonscape
  7. The Locust
  8. Together
  9. Ruby
  10. A Path To Nowhere

It may be purchased here, or otherwise at the next live show by Noori Records, tomorrow:

* Date: the 20th of December
* Time: 21:00
* Event: Live performance by Merankorii
* Venue: WIP - Rua Garret, 60, Lisboa (Portugal)

(more info)

+ko+ko+ is an ambient musical project, tending to electronic darker areas and aiming at some industrial sounds, sometimes using repetitive rhythmic constructions. It is a project based in Alcochete, where it sought inspiration for many of the musical constructions that embodied its first two albums. It may be found in some limited edition obscure compilations, sometimes only available for download. It tries to be a regular contributor for the Australian project “The 20th”.

Along with Merankorii, it is one half of the band “kokori”, a project that creates sounds filled with a rushing desire for postcyberpunk ambiances and themes, sometimes reaching for industrial and electronic directed melodies.


    • Compilations:
      • two and a half years participating on “The 20th” compilations;
      • others
    • Singles:
      • three participations on the Witte Dood project (now defunct)
        • “Parasite” (333s)
        • “Ovo” (666s)
        • “Garden” (999s)
  • Albums:
    • CD (2009) edited by Noori Records, an extra-limited edition, immediately sold out:
      . “What are you gonna do?”
    • CD (2011) edited by Noori Records, a limited edition:
      . “A Path To Nowhere”


[Updated: here are three videos for three of the tracks from this album]


About Noori Records

Noori Records is a new Record Label, created in 2008. We're not a regular record label. We're different. We understand the urge that people have to get music for free. We understand that artists want to get money from their work.
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