Noori Records presents… 2010 in Music (Part III)

Another year ends and another year begins. In 2010 we at Noori Records had a lot of effort making 2010 happen, and also preparing and working on what 2011 will become (some of that is already happening, ask for details if you want). To review what happened on 2010, we’ve asked several of our artists to make their “Top 10″ of music releases. We’ve had already the lists from +ko+ko+ and Merankorii, now it’s time to give you the personal Top 10 for 2010 from Betray-Ed:

So to speak personally, 2010 was indeed a nice year. Noori Records released a beautiful limited edition of Betray-Ed’s “Woods Of Eternity”, and it was amazing to see how quick it became sold out! That’s an achievement for me, and I’m very grateful about the work of the label. But musically, apart from my personal work, 2010 hasn’t been exactly what I expected it to be… Looking forward to get some better surprises in 2011, that already starts quite well! However, here is a list of 10 albums that, in my humble opinion, deserve your attention… Especially if you’re a metal fan!

10. NEGURA BUNGET – Virstele Pamintului

Despite the line-up changes, this album is a nice follow-up to the already-classic “Om” of 2006. The opening song “Pamint”, that goes from ambient to mysterious dark folk and then atmospheric black metal with aerial guitar melodies has been a great source of amazement and inspiration for me. Well done!

09. CRYSTAL VIPER – Legends

Yes, you might no hear this influence pretty much in my music, but I’m a big fan of 80’s Heavy Metal! That’s why this polish band and its charismatic female singer really caught my attention. Nothing really new here, but a real sincerity, and some good inspiration, and that is always more than pleasant.

08. ACCEPT – Blood Of The Nations

They came back, they conquered! What more could I say?

07. PROPHECY PRODUCTIONS – V/A – “Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings”

The return of Empyrium is the biggest event of the year. I couldn’t forget this release, with its amazing artwork and its unknown tracks from many very respectable artists. And “The Days Before The Fall”… So enchanted, as it always was. Empyrium remains my very favourite band, and an endless source of sweet, nostalgic reveries.

06. A FOREST OF STARS – Opportunistic Thieves Of Spring

Atmospheric/psychedelic black metal from England. Really worth listening!

05. ANATHEMA – We’re Here Because We’re Here

A great live show in Paris, and overall, a great year for this band, that comes back with this amazing album. Each track is good on its own, and sounds great listened within the continuity of the record. Enter a world of peaceful light and deep harmony… It feels so touching and relaxing at the same time! Progressive rock, ambient rock, atmospheric metal? Don’t ask, just give them a chance!

04. BLIND GUARDIAN – At The Edge Of Time

Once again, a great unexpected return with a real majestic, bombastic music! Modern yet old-fashionned Heavy Metal.

03. SOLEFALD – Norron Livskunst

Experimental, weird, mixing a lot of influences, extreme yet very melodic, catchy yet complex… Unexpected, to say the least!

02. OPHELIA – Do Sympathy With Your Fantasy

I sincerely encourage readers and fans of Noori Records to try this Korean band. Amazing music, full of brigthness and melancholy, between prog rock, ambient, post rock and atmospheric doom metal. Ethereal, dreamy, and breathtaking sometimes.

01. MAR DE GRISES – Streams Inwards

Last but not least, my personal favourite of 2010: the third release of chilean doom metal masters. Very worth listening as well!

Betray-Ed wishes you a great musical year 2011! See you next year for more fun and excitement!


About Noori Records

Noori Records is a new Record Label, created in 2008. We're not a regular record label. We're different. We understand the urge that people have to get music for free. We understand that artists want to get money from their work.
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